1. shoe cleaning
Remove stains and dirt before Care products Apply to your shoes. Dirt easiest to remove only when dry, using a brush without adding water. Impregnate the shoes after each cleaning.

2. Regular shoe care
The most effective care is achieved in which, before starting the shoe care, you take a Shoetrees inserts. The shoe is thus brought into shape and smoothed. This effort is rewarded by a significantly longer durability of the shoes. Shoes with smooth leather should be greased from time to time to nourish it.

3. shoes shooters
Protect your shoes from moisture and dirt for a long time.
Never dry leather shoes with an artificial heat source (e.g. heater). Drying too quickly makes the leather brittle and fragile. Do not store the shoes in the light (the easiest way is in the closet or in a box). A humid indoor climate can cause leather shoes to grow mold. Shoes also need rest. In most cases, shoes store foot moisture when worn. In order for this to be released again, the shoe should not be worn for at least 24 hours.


Quality does not expire
Whether a Künzli shoe is five, ten, or twenty years old, Künzli's repair service will try to keep your favorite shoe as long as possible. Repairs are carried out in the Factory Store received or by mail, see address in the footer.

  • Resole CHF 100
    basic cleaning, refreshing, new soling, replacement of nestel and deck soles
  • Resole with tape CHF 135.-
    (K-Line, Winner, Ortho Top, Ortho Air, Ortho Aero, Wander Protect, Hike Protect fango, Hike Protect red)
  • Sewing from CHF 20
    Repairs to the shaft depending on the cost

Duration and return
As a rule, you will have to do without your Künzli shoes for about 4 weeks.
However, high order volumes and raw material availability may delay repair work. We ask for your patience and understanding in such cases. Repairs can be picked up at the factory store or returned by mail to the sender address.

Please note
For shoes with Shell sole can none Resole be carried out.
This applies to work and safety shoes as well as older models with Vibram soles such as Trekking Protect. There are also exceptions with K Style, namely with shell soles and old sole models that Künzli no longer has in stock.
If you are unsure, please email Künzli Customer Service a photo of the shoes to clarify. Thank you for your understanding.





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