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Strengthen your Feet

Our feet are challenged daily: 26 bones, 30 joints, 29 muscles and numerous ligaments absorb the strain. Often, however, the foot is in a shoe and strikes flat and hard surfaces. This strain is one-sided and can weaken the muscles in the long term. In order to have a healthy basis, it is therefore worthwhile to train the feet and leg axis daily if possible. Here are some exercise suggestions. The best way is to integrate the exercises into everyday activities (when brushing your teeth, in the office, ...).

In addition to the exercises, barefoot running on different surfaces (meadow, forest floor, sand, ...) stimulates additional nerves and muscles and is a natural workout.

The right shoes are also important for healthy feet. Shoes should always provide enough space and be tailored to individual needs. As a prophylaxis for unstable ankles, Künzli Protect, the clever Swiss shoe against buckling or twisting an ankle, is recommended. A Künzli Protect shoe provides mechanical support while activating the muscles for self-protection. protect shoes

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