Shoes on prescription

Künzli SwissSchuh AG is not an official dispensary, if you have a prescription, please contact your Orthopedic surgeon or specialist dealer.

Find with the Dealer search a specialty store or drop-off location near you.

Cost absorption Switzerland

Künzli Ortho® Stability shoes and Künzli Protect Shoes are recognized by health insurance companies, accident insurances (Suva) and IV and are registered on the means and articles list (MiGel for short).
The patient needs a corresponding doctor's prescription for a cost credit. The stabilizing shoe is directly Clinic/Practice or from a Orthopedic specialty store issued. The prices of the Künzli stable shoes correspond to the official OSM/SVOT tariff and are approved by the tariff commission in each case.

MiGeL no.
The MiGeL list is subject to article 25a KVG, read more via BAG.

OSM/SVOT tariff           41.540.10
You can also find more information about the tariff at the association Foot & Shoe.

Cost absorption Germany

In order for a health insurance company to cover the costs of Ortho® Stability Shoes, a corresponding prescription from a doctor with the aid number is required for the insurance company to approve the costs.

Kuenzli Protect shoes are currently not listed in the German list of medical aids and can currently only be billed via accident insurance with a DGUV item number.

Shoe dispensing is carried out via the specialized trade (medical supply store, orthopedic dealer, etc.) and in some cases (BG clinics) via the official trade partners of the treating medical facility.




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