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Künzli uses a lot of different boot-trees because people have different feet and because fashion asks for different shapes. That is how everyone should find his or her best shape and favourite look.

For allrounders, already the width is a help: S, M, L.

For the professional Künzli "Ortho®" and Künzli "Protect" offer the choice of E to L.

For the expert Künzli offers measuring tables, that help measure the individual foot and associate it to the appropriate size

Indication Width
FL S F slim, tailored boot-tree, the "medial section" for sneakers
GO M G classical pointed shape with comfortable width at the ball of the foot
SL M G modern Sneakerlast, fitted shape in "medial section" with closed heelcup for more heelgrip
TF M G sporty, with slim and high point
BA S E delicate, slightly pointed female boot-tree
JO M G comfortable width from tip to heel, close grip at the heel
J M G for boots, higher arch and tailored heel
VZ M-L H wide
SA L J natural shape, very wide, especially at the arch
STA M G middle width, for safety models



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