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Who does not know it – a slight inattention, a wrong step and your foot is sprained. A sprain, i.e. a distortion of the foot, is the consequence.

If the pains do not disappear after a short lapse of time and/or if the ankle swells, most often the ligaments of the ankle joint are concerned. Ligaments join different bones and thus stabilize the joint. By twisting one’s ankle outwards, there is special stress on the three outer ligaments of the superior joint with the result of an elongation of the ligament. In dependence of the degree we speak of a ligamental strain, a partially torn ligament or a complete rupture of the ligament. If the sprains / distortions are severe, combined injuries are possible, so that all the outer ligaments or even the bones (cf. fractures) can be affected.

As immediate measures the foot should be cooled* and imperatively elevated in order to minimalize the swelling. A physician is to be consulted as soon as possible. The standard treatment of ligament ruptures is mostly conservative (non-operative). Above all when the distortions are severe or the conservative therapy unsuccessful, surgery is adopted (cf. reconstruction of ligaments).

It is important to know that insufficient stabilization in the after-treatment can lead up to instability of the foot and long term damages like arthrosis. A Künzli Ortho® stability boot is therefore the optimal medical care: The built-in Ortho® System stabilizes the foot injury according to medical standards and, at the same time, makes mobility possible. The early functional therapy leads to a faster healing process. Depending on the individual needs a variety of standard-boots or also stability work boots can be selected from.

* not to be cooled too long. At best for 10 minutes followed by a pause of 10 minutes.

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