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Ortho Rehab Total - The New One.

Fix lacing

  • Brake hook on the shaft
  • Lacing remains fixed and does not loosen
  • Optimal fine adjustment when lacing, perfect fit

Pressure relieving back flapOrtho Rehab Total NEU

  • Thicker padding with Memofoam (10 mm)
  • Padding adapts to the anatomy of the heel
  • Less pressure on sensitive scars

More space for heel

  • Velcro fasteners and pulleys for rear flap offset to the front
  • Rear flap can now also be positioned on the outside
  • Place for pain sensitive hind foot after surgery

More space in toe box

  • Double leather layer over toe box
  • Second leather layer stabilizes shaft volume
  • Up to 30% more space for wider/swollen feet

Move Künzli factory store

As of June 29, 2021, the Künzli factory store is newly vis-à-vis in the factory hall in the Künzli building at Hauserstrasse 47.
The entrance is located by the company parking lots.
We are looking forward to your visit!

Ortho Standard - The New One.

Brake hook

  • Lacing remains fixed and does not loosen
  • optimal fine adjustment during lacing for perfect fit

Perfect Fit tabOrtho Standard Neu vorne

  • Leather
  • Waisted padding for less pressure points
  • optimized pull-through, tab automatically positions itself correctly during lacing
  • anatomically shaped cut for perfect fit

Heel clip

  • Double pull, encloses the heel more tightly
  • Reduces tibial rotation and talus advancement
  • robust hightec material in valuable carbon look

Toe box

  • approx. 30% more space
  • double leather layer maintains last volume

modern look

  • made entirely of leather
  • all in black according to multiple request
  • typical swiss design, simple and functional

Künzli winter sole

Where other winter soles reach their limit, the unique cork profile sole from Künzli can convince. The insertion of the cork acts like sandpaper and prevents you from slipping on snow and ice. 

Künzli has developed a unique sole, which is very usable and works for the winter. The sole is distinguished by the integration of cork. This serves the slip resistance, in which he acts like a sandpaper. Due to the thermoregulatory properties of cork, the sole does not harden even in cold temperatures. The sole on the shoe is supplemented with dirt and salt protection. This makes Künzli shoes a must for every winter hike.

Take advantage of our winter shoes with non-slip sole now:

Ortho Eskimo

Eis Protect

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Healthy again through everyday life with Künzli

Künzli Ortho shoes offer you the opportunity to move freely again after an injury, without the need for cumbersome crutches. This allows you to concentrate on everyday life again and on the healing process. In addition, any problems with crutches, such as hand pain, back problems and posture, can be reduced.
With Künzli simply healthy again through everyday life!

The football shoe "activ S" from 1967-1970

This is the model "activ S" with which Mr. Franz Siffert played football 1968-1970. Today we received his Künzli football boot personally for the archive!

Künzli invests in the future and bundles production in Albania

Künzli invests in the future and bundles production in Albania

Künzli, the traditional Swiss shoe company, is bundling its manufacturing expertise in a modern production facility. The newly founded subsidiary Künzli factory in Albania reunites the sewing and shoe assembly operations that have been outsourced for 25 years.

The structural adjustment leads to a reduction of six jobs in production and forwarding in Windisch, Aargau. Künzli is supporting the affected employees in their reorientation.

Development and sample production as well as marketing, sales and administration remain at the headquarters in Switzerland.

We at Künzli are certain that we have made the big decision carefully. In view of the start of our local team, we are confident that we will be able to better meet the requirements of our customers and the market in the future. And last but not least, we are convinced that this step will make Künzli safe and fit for the future.

Video link contribution Künzli ECO SRF broadcast 30.4.2018

Link broadcast ECO SRF broadcast 30.4.2018

Chef Kuenzli factory A.Ludi B.Artmann erklaert Kuenzli Schuh webOwner/manager Künzli (B.Artmann) explains Künzli shoe production to the boss Künzli factory (A. Ludi)
Mitarbeiter Kuenzli factory mit Barbara Artmann und Alfred Ludi web
Employees Künzli factory with Barbara Artmann and Alfred Ludi
Naehereimeisterin bei der Arbeit web
Sewing master at work
Naeherei UEberblick Kuenzli factory web 2
Sewing overview Künzli factory




The absolute Achilles shoe: Ortho Rehab Absolut

Rehab Absolut web 300x281

... which absolutely relieves, stabilizes and protects.

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CH-5210 Windisch

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